Cooper’s Vintage Drums

1930 Ludwig & Ludwig “New Era” 5x14 snare drum

Here is a truly rare and amazing snare drum that never appeared in any catalogs. Ludwig & Ludwig’s New Era snare drums were only produced for about a year. They did appear in the Ludwig Drummer brochure. First introduced in 1929, these unusual snare drums were equipped with two snare strainer units for both top and bottom heads. Unlike the much more common Super-Sensitive drums, both snare units are located inside the shell! This unique design allows for several snare combinations. With both top and bottom sets of snares engaged, a tight, dry can be achieved which would be perfect for light playing or brush work. When the top wires are released, the drum explodes with lots of power and sustain. The wires on this drum are in excellent condition with only one strand missing, which does not affect the sound, at all. The condition of this drum is excellent! Clear heads were installed to show the inner workings. All parts are original with the exception of the two strainer knobs, which are reproductions. Everything works perfectly. Here is a short video, demonstrating the sound of this magnificent snare drum.